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I offer keyboard courses for kids (from the age of 8), teenagers & adults. You can choose between elementary courses for absolute beginners and advanced courses for seasoned players.

The offer includes:

- Private lessons, I can come to you so that you can train on your own instrument or you can come to my places and play my professional Yamaha, Korg and Roland instruments

- Group lessons, in small groups with 2 students




Which subjects?
The most important thing is that you have fun learning to play the keyboard and that you discover your own internal creative abilities. When music lives in your heart and soul the rest is just practice.

You can begin playing real music right from lesson one. The nature of the lessons will vary according to your personal music preferences.

Lesson books
You are free to choose a lesson book that fits to your personal musical taste. The lesson books are usually organized in 5 parts, each part in an extra book. An additional practice book exists that helps you to consolidate your new knowledge. Get a free consultation in the first lesson.

Practice sheets
You also get custom-made exercises in the lessons which help you in streamlining the lessons to your own preferences. (these are included in the course price)


Topics of the lessons

Some of the topics to be covered in the lessons:
- note reading, rhythm (counting)
- intervals, cadences, scales
- harmonizing, transposition
- jazz chords, modulation
- music terms

Advanced topics
We also offer an introduction to the following advanced topics:
- ear training
- music genre
- history of musical instruments: keyboard / organ
- Hammond Organ (Jazz, Rock, Funk, Gospel)

Technological topics
If you are interested in electronic music or rock, pop I also offer an introduction to the following technological topics:

- keyboard operation (Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Technics, Wersi, Kawai et al.)

- synthesizer / sampler programming

- Midi (GM, GM2, Yamaha XG, Roland GS et al.)

Optionally you can get an introduction to notation, sequenzer, composer and arranger software
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